Featured item for Autumn 2018:  Earth Cube

What happens if one cycle or system in Nature fails?
I created Earth Cube in response to the growing dead zone in the ocean along Oregon's central coast. Dead zones are areas in the ocean that lack adequate oxygen, making it difficult for life to exist in them. Usually, they are found near places with high levels of population and pollution. But the central coast of Oregon has very little population or pollution, so what is causing this new dead zone? Some scientists think the answer might look like the following diagram (→ is the symbol for “leads to”): Climate change → warmer water → changes in ocean currents → changes in wind patterns → lack of wind to re-oxygenate the water → lack of oxygen → death or dispersal of sea life = dead zone. One change to a system or cycle in Nature can have a cascading effect. To find out how this cascading effect works, remove a single panel of Earth Cube. . . .


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