Our website is undergoing an extensive re-design in preparation for the launch
of our “We Survived” series. The following excerpts are from

Trapped in the R.A.W.: A Journal of My Experiences during the Great Invasion
the first volume in that series.



“When I dream, the events of Day One are what I see. People running, shoving each other out of the way, trampling the too-still bodies of other people. Falling. Dying. The cause? Waves and waves of something roughly the size and shape of humans inundating the area from every direction. Ugly things that won’t stop, and won’t stop killing. So many of them. So many. And they just keep coming....”

“When I can’t sleep, one question spins around and around in my head: What are they? Underneath their ugly uniforms, what are they? People? Aliens? Creatures of some sort? Or maybe—in those half-awake moments when dreams and reality merge, turning into the stuff that makes heads explode—zombies? I have spent forty-eight days observing them, and I still don’t know....”










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