“Tracks in the Field” accepted for publication


“Tracks in the Field,” my essay about homeless men who ride trains, has been accepted for publication in the on-line journal of One Person's Trash, a nonprofit group that works with homeless folks in the Pacific Northwest. OPT provides the homeless with a number of necessities, but they also produce a print version of their journal, and they give copies to homeless folks to sell (the homeless keep any money they make). The journal, both in its print and on-line form, includes poetry, essays, fiction, and artwork, and OPT accepts submissions at any time. Their website can be found at www.onepersonstrash.org .


“Tracks in the Field” has been published


“Tracks in the Field,” my essay about homeless men who ride trains, has been published in the March on-line issue of One Person's Trash. Check it out:  www.onepersonstrash.org

Biggest news of the year (so far): My novel is going to be published!


Yes, folks, you heard that right. Trapped in the R.A.W: A Journal of My Experiences during the Great Invasion (working title) has been accepted for publication by a real live press. I can't say much about the publication process yet (since I know almost nothing about it at this point), but I have been told that it is actually going to happen.


Trapped is a work of speculative fiction (think “Twilight Zone”) set in a future so near that it could be tomorrow. Here's the short blurb I use when someone asks, “What's your novel about?”: A young woman is working alone in a special collections library when she hears screaming outside, peeks through a window, and realizes an invasion has begun. She locks and barricades the doors of the library, then watches in horror as people are murdered. The invaders wear uniforms that cover all parts of their bodies, including their faces, making it impossible for her to determine their identity. However, she realizes at once that the invaders do not intend to subjugate the population: They intend to annihilate it.


The future depicted in Trapped is dark, as has been every period in history following a major disruption. However, my focus in the novel is on how we respond with dignity to disaster, maintain our humanity while enduring inhumane treatment, and keep going when our world falls apart, so the story does have rays of hope.


I will keep you posted.

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